MaxKVM: AMD Epyc-VPS, Singapore

Image by Amar Vyas created for MaxKVm-Singapore location

MaxKVM, a new VPS provider, posted their offer on LowEndSpirit for their new Singapore location . In this post, you will find my first impressions about this service that offers AMD Epyc Processors and NVMe Disks.

KTS24: Trial Offer for VPS

Admin Dashboard- KTS24

In this post, I have done a short review of VPS trial offer by KTS24. They use inexpensive DDR3 based hardware and offer services starting 2.99 euros mothly.

ReadyDedis VPS in Mumbai

Hypervisor Panel in ReadyDedis. Feature image in Blog of Amar Vyas

ReadyDedis posted an offer on Low End Spirit and Low End Talk about their new Mumbai location. I was intrigued. Good, reasonably priced VPS (Virtual Private Server) plans in India are few, and for a while I have been looking at an option of a VPS in Mumbai.  I do not have any servers in India, because the price to specifications ratio does not work well typically. In recent months, this has changed – two other offers for a VPS in Mumbai were posted by Cloudjiffy and Nexaracks recently. (read my benchmarks of Nexaracks VPS ) This offer added a third option.

Update December 2020: During Black Friday sale, ReadyDedis offerd a great deal for a Mumbai location. I will publish a separate review on that shortly.

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FLOWVPS, Australia: Black Friday 2019 Offer

VPS offer from FlowVPS- Black Friday 2019. Blog of Amar Vyas

In this post, you will find results from the benchmarks on a KVM VPS in Australia by FlowVPS, located in Melbourne. I had signed up for this service as a part of 2019 Black Friday offer. You my also find more tests and discussion in this thread on Low End Talk.

Update December 2020: Nearly One year after I published this post, I have mixed feelings about this VPS. Around October, there was a disk failure in the node and the server was down for days. The disks had to be replaced and there was a total data loss. (Thank goodness for Backups!) . Though that is hardly a reason for letting go of this server. I have simply been unable to put it to use. The price makes it an attractive proposition to hold on to on the other hand!


4 vCPU
15GB NVMe - Primary
100GB SSD - Secondary (Not bootable)
1.5TB Data
1 IPv4
At 15 Australian Dollars/Quarter 
about $ 10 US Dollars), this is one sweet deal!

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KVM in Netherlands: Hostslick, Black Friday 2019 VPS Offer

I was not specifically looking for a KVM in Netherlands. But signed up for a one year plan with Hostslick for a KVM VPS with 8 GB RAM and 8 GB Swap. This offer was from the Black Friday 2019 offers. In this post you wll find the benchmarking results from that VPS.

Update December 2020:

I have discontinued this plan as a part of consolidation of VPS’es and providers. I was unabel to find a specific use for this VPS, inspite of its rather decent specifications.

Results from YABS

Sat Nov 30 01:01:30 EST 2019

Basic System Information:
Processor : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2690 0 @ 2.90GHz
CPU cores : 6 @ 700.000 MHz
AES-NI : ✔ Enabled
VM-x/AMD-V : ✔ Enabled
RAM : 8.0Gi
Swap : 8.0Gi
Disk : 148G

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Benchmark Tests on VPS- Part III

This is the final set of benchmark tests on VPS’es. Starting next week, I will put them to the intended use. One quarter of idling nearly eight VPS’es is enough 🙂

A discussion on Lowendtalk forums introduced me to a new script on running benchmarks. I promptly tried it this morning and got some interesting results:

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