Review of VPS’es from Nexusbytes- Part I

Review of VPs by Nexusbytes. blog of Amar Vyas
CPU information for VPS by Nexusbytes, October 2020
Screenshot of /proc/cpuinfo from Nexusbytes VPS in Germany

In this post, I will do a quick review of VPS by Nexusbytes. Below I am posting the results from two test setups that user @seriesn from Nexusbytes provided. They are a provider out of Middlebury, Connecticut and they contacted me through LowEndTalk requesting for my review. While I am still a learner and a beginner, I cannot let go of a chance to test out a VPS, with some new learnings (as always) along the way. Let us dive into the review right away.

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Benchmark Tests on VPS- Part III

This is the final set of benchmark tests on VPS’es. Starting next week, I will put them to the intended use. One quarter of idling nearly eight VPS’es is enough 🙂

A discussion on Lowendtalk forums introduced me to a new script on running benchmarks. I promptly tried it this morning and got some interesting results:

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Running on 10 VPS’es – KVM, OVZ, NAT

Table by Amar Vyas showing comparison of specifications of VPS

Over the past few months thanks to LowEndtalk (and the frown of my spouse), I have managed to gather a collection of Virtual Private Servers (VPS’es). Ten at the last count. Till April this year, I did not even know what a VPS was. Five months later, I am writing a post comparing the performances of different VPS’es, some of which are  KVM, others OVZ and the rest are NAT devices.

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How to use speedtest-cli for testing VPS speed

Image showing speedtest-cli utility on a Debian server - Amar Vyas, Sept 2019

Update Sept 22, 2019: I added some more VPS’es and re-ran the tests over the past week, you can see the results here

I learnt about using speed test-cli through discussions on LowEndTalk. It was a relaxed Saturday afternoon, and it seemed like a god opportunity to try out something new. I took screenshots or copied out results with different VPS machines that I have recently started using…

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Mini-review: IntoVPS, Cluj

IntoVPS - screenshot of Fleio dashboard. Image by Amar Vyas, August 2019

The Long Story Short : How I ended up Testing the VPS 

**If you would prefer to dive straight into the mini-review, you can skip this section and head straight to the “Nuts and Bolts” segment**

Sometimes, long time plans do not work out, and often they get replaced with some unexpected developments. Yesterday (Friday) was no different.

I was originally planning to work from home, neded up working from my coworking space instead. That’s when I learnt that there was a session on growth “hacking”  by someone whose work I admire. Therefore, ended up staying back till 6 PM. Which meant that when my wife and I travelled back together, we faced the Friday evening rush hour. Which *also* meant that my plans of having a beer or two with schoolmates did not materialize. For the record, I do not like the term, “hacking” but running out of words here – maybe some time later I

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