How to host your WordPress Site on a Budget

How to host WordPress site for under 10 Dollars a year. Blog of Amar Vyas

In this post, you will learn how you can host yoour WordPress Site on a Budget:  for under 10 US dollars a year. Also find differnt ways to install WordPress on Shared Hosting as well as Virtual Private Servers (VPS). In November and early December 2020, I ran a variety of tests on different configurations of WordPress hosting ranging from Shares Hosting to OVZ and KVM VPS’es. This testing was self-motivated, because I wanted to see how frugal one can get in terms of pricing, not features.

My work culmiated in a blog post on LowEndSpirit, and a series of smaller posts on the LowEndspirit Forum. I decided to collate the smaller posts and publish them here, because I believe this work deserves as wide an audience as it can get.

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How to share passwords via email

Generating a message using log of Amar Vyas

In this post, let us take a look at services that allow you to send sensitive information over email. One time passwords, address or any other information that can be read easily by others, are some examples where such a service can be useful.

Generating a message using Reveal IT. Blog of Amar Vyas
Generating a message using Reveal IT

Background: Password via email

A few weeks ago, I signed up with a service provider. They sent me an automated email asking me to confirm my email account. Upon confirmation, they sent me account details. To my surprise, the password to my login was mentioned in plain text!

As we enter the third decade of the current millennium, this practice should be stopped immediately. But what if your provider does not want to upgrade systems? You can either bid them goodbye, or encourage them to use a service that sends one time passwords. Or a service where the information is encrypted before it is sent.

Sending other sensitive information via email

Let us say you want to communicate information across to a user, a friend, or a near and dear one. Would you do so in plain text? Your spouse’s birthdate, etc. are some of the more innocuous examples. Others include medical records, or insurance details. You can let your imagination run wild on this one.

Would you send this information via email, or use a third party service? Most of you would prefer the latter!
I looked up some indormation on the latter, and came up with the below list.

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