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Screenshot from Virtualizer showing VPS from Nexaracks- blog post by Amar Vyas

Benchmark: Nexaracks VPS-India

Earlier this week, Someshzade from Nexaracks reached out to me with information that they were launching a VPS offer in India. I had earlier tested their VPS from Leapswitch, Mumbai location, and was more than happy to rest out this new test piece.
Update: You can find the plans and the pricing here.

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Image of Trees and Dust Storm- Blog of Amar Vyas

May 14, 2020: Most issues resolved. I am leaving this post below as a reminder to myself about what could go wrong.

For the past few days, updating this site caused a lot of issues. Long story short, I goof’d up.

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Screenshot of homepage of Nexaracks Web Hosting. Blog of Amar Vyas, May 2020

Nexaracks VPS: Benchmarks

Last week, user Someshzade from Reform Hosting reached out at LowEndSpirit. He wanted to know if I would be interested in running Benchmarks and testing out their new VPS. My reply was, hell yes! Withing a few minutes, he sent another message with the VPS details.

Default operating system the VPS came with was CentOs, which was not to my liking. In Virtualizor Panel, the options available were : Ubuntu 16,04, CentOS, and Windows . I opted for Ubuntu, even though my personal preference is Debian if available. Anyways, were are not here to discuss the merits or lack of) Linux distributions.

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Re-Test: OVZ by Hostslick


I had posted the benchmark results from Hostslick OVZ earlier. Over the past few months, there were some issues with the node – essentially a problem with Virtualizor VPS Control Panel, to be fair not entirely the provider’s fault.

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3 Dec 2019

I had run these benchmarks many months ago, while updating this website, saw this post int he drafts folder. Therefore I am publishing it here.

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Using a ipv6 only VPS

I chose a Hostslick $ 4/ year plan with ipv6 only. below are the retults from the benchmarks..

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Image showing speedtest-cli utility on a Debian server - Amar Vyas, Sept 2019

How to use speedtest-cli for testing VPS speed

Update Sept 22, 2019: I added some more VPS’es and re-ran the tests over the past week, you can see the results here

I learnt about using speed test-cli through discussions on LowEndTalk. It was a relaxed Saturday afternoon, and it seemed like a god opportunity to try out something new. I took screenshots or copied out results with different VPS machines that I have recently started using…

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IntoVPS - screenshot of Fleio dashboard. Image by Amar Vyas, August 2019

Mini-review: IntoVPS, Cluj Part I

The Long Story Short : How I ended up Testing the VPS 

**If you would prefer to dive straight into the mini-review, you can skip this section and head straight to the “Nuts and Bolts” segment**

Sometimes, long time plans do not work out, and often they get replaced with some unexpected developments. Yesterday (Friday) was no different.

I was originally planning to work from home, neded up working from my coworking space instead. That’s when I learnt that there was a session on growth “hacking”  by someone whose work I admire. Therefore, ended up staying back till 6 PM. Which meant that when my wife and I travelled back together, we faced the Friday evening rush hour. Which *also* meant that my plans of having a beer or two with schoolmates did not materialize. For the record, I do not like the term, “hacking” but running out of words here – maybe some time later I

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