KVM by Datawest: Perth, Australia

Creating a VPS using Hyper-V - Datawest, Australia. Screenshot by Amar Vyas

Introduction: KVM Plan by Datawest

Over at LET and LES, came the post about the ‘deal’ by Datawest- a provider from Australia. At 3.3 Aussie Dollars (INR 150) a month, a 1 CPU Core/ 6 GB SSD/ 1 GM RAM/ 1 TB BW KVM was tempting enough to try – at worst, for a month. Thus began my journey of struggles, frustrations, and finally some success with this VPS.

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Review of VPS’es from Nexusbytes- Part I

Review of VPs by Nexusbytes. blog of Amar Vyas
CPU information for VPS by Nexusbytes, October 2020
Screenshot of /proc/cpuinfo from Nexusbytes VPS in Germany

In this post, I will do a quick review of VPS by Nexusbytes. Below I am posting the results from two test setups that user @seriesn from Nexusbytes provided. They are a provider out of Middlebury, Connecticut and they contacted me through LowEndTalk requesting for my review. While I am still a learner and a beginner, I cannot let go of a chance to test out a VPS, with some new learnings (as always) along the way. Let us dive into the review right away.

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