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Note: April 28, 2020 Apologies for the issue with images: the server which the images are served went offline. I am moving the images to a CDN, by midnight IST May 3rd, all images should be restored.

Posts on my other blogs do not show up on this blog. I realized this when someone asked me the other day about my daily blogging challenge. They asked,

If I was supposed to publish a post every day, then why wasn’t I publishing a blog post every day on this site?

The fact is that I Have been publishing a new post every day, but not only on this blog. I have three other sites where I publish posts. They are:
a. MyKitaab Podcast
b. Underworld Startup Blog
c. My All Things Podcasting Blog

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Blogging Challenge: The Problem of Plenty

Introduction: The Problem of Plenty with Blogs

I am currently faced with a problem of plenty. Over the years, I have set up multiple blogs. Beginning with my posts on the free WordPress site, all the way upto reviving this particular site and the daily blogging challenge. The question arises, how do I put a system around them in order to ensure the blogs are updated and I do not miss a single day of posting on this site? 

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