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Best Image Resizing or Optimization Service?


“Which is the Best Image Optimization Service?” This question came up more than a few times when I was researching to write the post on “7 Ways to Optimize Your Images for Websites“. In this post, I have used 20 different image compression and optimization services and compared their performance over a series of random tests. In other words, on this page you will find a blog post which compares 20 image compression services.

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Using Rethink : Cloud Storage and File Sharing


In this post, I will write my experience using Rethink software (previously known as Publist) for cloud storage and file sharing. I came to know about Publist through one of the Facebook groups. This group focuses on deals for SAAS or Software As A Service subscriptions. Around October last year 2019: Publist was available as a lifetime deal on a site called Pitchground.

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10Web Website Management

In this post, we will look 10 Web, a platform for creating and managing (and also hosting) wordpress sites.

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Review of Linux VPS by Nexusbytes – Part III

In this post, I will offer my final thoughts, and concluding remarks about review of VPS Nexusbytes VPS.

Recap : Review of Linux VPS by Nexusbytes

As mentioned in part one and part two, I was reviewing two Virtual Private Servers (VPS) by Nexusbytes LLC in the month of October. One of them is in Germany, and the other in New York. I named them Tweeledee and Tweedledum, respectively – a reference to the characters from Read More

Output of /proc/cpuinfo from Nexusbytes VPS in Germany. Screenshot by Amar Vyas for

Review of VPS’es from Nexusbytes- Part I

Posting results from two test setups that user @seriesn from Nexusbytes kindly provided. They are a provider out of Middlebury, Connecticut and they contacted me through LowEnd Talk requesting for my review. While I am still a learner and a beginner, I cannot let go of a chance to test out and idle – with some new learnings (as always) along the way. Therefore, posting the below.

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Testing CloudFlare’s WARP Plus on Jio LTE

Last week, Cloudflare released its WARP plus for android and iOS devices. I signed up for WARP Plus, the paid version of WARP, for my iPhone (INR 69 per month for unlimited bandwidth). Posting the restults from speedtest on my Jio LTE connection taken on September 30th, 2019 at 7 AM IST.

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