My Blogging Goal Tracker

Goals for blogging in 2021. Amar Vyas
My BHAG for 2021

In January 2021, my goal is to publish atleast one blog post of 500 words every day. On this page, you will find the list of posts and the wordcounts for each post. This builds on my writing and publishing from last year. I also wrote about it on LinkedIn

Let me answer some questions for you

Q. Why are dates not in sequence?

Ans: I am based in India, timezone is GMT + 5.5. Server is in GMT + 1 timezone. For publishing my posts, I am testing a post scheduler that seems to operate on a different timezone than my location or the server’s.

Q. Why don’t I publish every day?

Ans: Typically I will aim to publish one post every week that will be created than 2,000 words. Planning, writing such long posts takes time.

Q. How do I measure the word count?

Ans: I paste the final version of the post into iawriter for Mac. All word counts are rounded to the nearest 5 (i.e. 293 words will be revised to 195, 1002 will be published as 1,000 and so on)

Planning a Content Calendar plays a key role in publishing on a regular basis.
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