Testing CDNs for Media serving

by Amar
7 minutes
Testing CDNs for Media serving

CDN or Content Delivery Network

In order to speed up the loading of the website, or to serve the media files (in case of gaatha story mostly audio files) from a different server, I decided to test out a variety of Content Delivery networks: fast.io, Publitio, gumlet, PushrCDN, droplr , and our own media host, Rorarii..

Some of these images were resized using shortpixel (except for droplr). The audio files are mp3s encoded at 128 kbps.

CDN Using Fast.io

Image served directly from server

Image served via PushrCDN

NoVNC Error in VPS

Image Hosted and served from Droplr

Note: There are some browser compatibility issues with images coming off of droplr. I am posting the links to the images instead.

Installation of Nextcloud on Ubuntu 18.04 Server: https://img.gaatha.co/qbYYmj

Stay Fruitful: https://img.gaatha.co/FdWXMU

Audio Through PushrCDN

Baalgatha Podcast - Festival of Holi

Audio Through Rorarii CDN

Audio from Publitio embed Player

And now.. back to images - PushrCDN

Textpattern Install Importing notes into Simplenote

Images from Gumlet

Banner image of fruits . Blog of Amar Vyas

Finally, our much loved logo of gaatha story

Finally, Image using Rethink.software (formerly Publist)

My account is currently not operational there, while it gets resolved, posting a couple of links for test files I had created in January 2020.

screenshot of classicpress CMS

logo of insure cast podcast by gaatha story

Some other Random CDN Tests

uploading files on Lychee Gallery

uploading files on Lychee Gallery

Setup of Hyper-V VPS on Datawest - Image by Amar Vyas

Screenshot of error on Stockservers VPS - by Amar Vyas, Nov 2019