Blog Updates : Mid-October 2020 and

Best wishes for Navaratri Festival to all readers!

Images from Navaratri Festival, Wikipedia.
Navaratri Festival – Image Source: Wikipedia

A few weeks ago I had posted a schedule for writing blog posts in the form of ‘themes’. You might have noticed that I have not posted any updates on that goal. Starting this week it is about to change.

I have been busy tinkering. experimenting and documenting my exploits on a few different topics. In some cases, I literally went down a rabbit hole (or two). More on that in the coming days. For now, rest assured: the posts are coming. In some cases, more than one a day. Thank you for your patience.


I use(d) CDN from for this blog till recently. Last week, they informed about dropping their free tier by the end of December 2021. I am not a freeloader, nor do I intend to be one.. but US $ 25 a month is not a justifiable spend on another CDN. When BunnyCDN and Gumlet and Publitio, are active. In the coming days, I will update the links to the images- hopefully that will take care of issues of broken images or links. is a great product and if a project in the future can absorb those fees I will happily sign up again!

Update December 6, 2020: is closing on January 15, 2021. I will be moving all images to BunnyCDN in the coming week.See the notice from below
Shutdown notice by

Writing Updates : February 5-11, 2021

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