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How I created the Post on Content Delivery Networks

Introduction: Creating the post on CDN

In this post, I have described how I created the 3,500 4,400 word post about Content Delivery Networks. The tools, process I used, and the learnings from the experience are mentioned in this post. Specifically, using for speech to text, Ink App for copywriting, and using CDNs themselves for the post.

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Using Rethink : Cloud Storage and File Sharing


In this post, I will write my experience using Rethink software (previously known as Publist) for cloud storage and file sharing. I came to know about Publist through one of the Facebook groups. This group focuses on deals for SAAS or Software As A Service subscriptions. Around October last year 2019: Publist was available as a lifetime deal on a site called Pitchground.

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Image showing mapf of earth with Internet. Used by Amar Vyas in Blog Post

How to Use CDN or Content Delivery Networks for Website


The below post is about “How to use CDN or Content Delivery Networks for Website Speed and Performance”. This is a Work In Progress for the next few days- Mid-May 2020 at least. I wanted it to be a ‘live’ post, and that’s the reason for publishing.

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10Web Website Management

In this post, we will look 10 Web, a platform for creating and managing (and also hosting) wordpress sites.

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Testing CDNs for Media Serving

CDN or Content Delivery Network

Note: April 28, 2020: Apologies for the issue with some images: the server which the images are served went offline. I am moving the images to a CDN, by midnight GMT April 29th, all images should be restored.

Update April 14, 2020: I have written a more comprehensive post on CDNs here. This post therefore becomes secondary and redundant  and needed cleaning up anyways – because some of  the CDNs form the list below are not working at this time.

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Experimenting with Grav CMS

Introduction: Grav CMS

I have tried using grav content management system several times.  It is lightweight grown rather popular in recent years. Php based, and  does not use a database. In the past I have had challenges with its twig templating and over successive failures. In the first week of March 2020, I decided to give it another try. 

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Relaunch of this blog and website

Introduction: Relaunch of this site and blog

Welcome to the new and improved website for a more real start in which is my writing website for my main site, please visit, . You may wonder why there are two different sites. The reason for that is simple.

(This page was created using a speech to text program, and has several errors which I will correct within one week of publication of this post)

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Option of selecting CDN "Push" or storage and CDN- Pushr CDN. Screenshot by Amar Vyas

Using PUSHRCDN Content Delivery Network

During a recent discussion on LET, Viktor from PUSHRCDN offered a free 1 month trial of their CDN (Content Delivery Network) service. I decided to sign up and give it a try for Underworld Startup.

In this post I will talk about the process of creating an account, setting up the CDN for “Push” plan. I will set up the storage option separately and update this post.

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Underworld Startup Blog: Control Panel for Avoro- KVM based VPS

Introduction: Avoro’s AMD Epyc Processor based KVM

Avoro recently posted their AMD EPYC special offer on LET. This was the same offer they had posted during the
“Palindrome Day” deals thread

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Creating a VPS using Hyper-V - Datawest, Australia. Screenshot by Amar Vyas

Introduction: KVM Plan by Datawest

Over at LET and LES, came the post about the ‘deal’ by Datawest- a provider from Australia. At 3.3 Aussie Dollars (INR 150) a month, a 1 CPU Core/ 6 GB SSD/ 1 GM RAM/ 1 TB BW KVM was tempting enough to try – at worst, for a month. Thus began my journey of struggles, frustrations, and finally some success with this VPS.

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