A Tale of Two Domains

Last year, Michael from Smallweb had posted on LowEndSpirit if anyone was interested in the domain somethingaboutservers.com. I thought it was a nice name to have, keeping the multiple reviews and benchmarks I have run on Virtual private Servers over the past few months. Till this week, I did not use this domain much.

The domain renewed yesterday, and now it is time to put it to use (finally). Soon, somethingaboutservers.com will redirect to the benchmarks and reviews page. I can finally update my signature on LowEndTalk and LowEndSpirit with this domain (yay!)

Coming Soon: Posts in Hindi, on अमर.भारत domain

While reading up on India internet exchange, ad ad for .in domains popped up, and with that the associated .भारत (.bharat) domain. I happened to check for amar.भारत, and the domain was taken. However, अमर.भारत was very much available, and I lapped it up. Starting next week, I plan to publish atleast one post in Hindi, and this domain would be perfet for that! More on that, later.


This post was scheduled to be published on January 7th, somehow that did not happen. So, posting it today with yesterday’s date. Feature Image credit: slon.com

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