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Image showing alternatives to WeTransfer. Blog of Amar Vyas

On May 31st several news sites in India began to report that Wetransfer was blocked by ISPs in India. This was a result of an order from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, or TRAI. The question arises, what are the alternative services that offer features similar to WeTransfer?

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How to Use CDN or Content Delivery Networks for Website

Sticky post


The below post is about “How to use CDN or Content Delivery Networks for Website Speed and Performance”. This is a Work In Progress for the next few days- Mid-May 2020 at least. I wanted it to be a ‘live’ post, and that’s the reason for publishing.

Logo of Markdown- sources from Wikipedia, used in Blog by Amar Vyas

I am taking this opportunity to write down my experiences in writing blog posts. Hope they will benefit other authors. The focus of this post is on two areas: Markdown and SEO.

Image of Emails leaving a screen. Blog of Amar Vyas, May 2020

Which Email Provider Should I Use?

One of the most popular question in web hosting forums, Facebook groups, or Quora is, “Which Email Provider Should I Use?” You will also find lists published by many tech blogs on this topic. Many of them update the lists regularly, or republish their lists as new posts that are titled,

“Which are the Top Email Hosts for 2019”
“Which are the Top Email service providers for 2020” .. and so on.

In this post, I will list the email service providers I have used in the past. Also included are other services or sites that have mostly positive reviews. You will also find a list of references or resources at the end of this post.

Pricing Plans for Nexaracks- May 2020. Feature Image for blog by Amar Vyas

Benchmark: Nexaracks VPS-India

Earlier this week, Someshzade from Nexaracks reached out to me with information that they were launching a VPS offer in India. I had earlier tested their VPS from Leapswitch, Mumbai location, and was more than happy to rest out this new test piece.
1. You can find the plans and the pricing here.
2. Fixed the links to the images.

Image of Trees and Dust Storm- Blog of Amar Vyas

Updating this Site

May 14, 2020: Most issues resolved. I am leaving this post below as a reminder to myself about what could go wrong.

For the past few days, updating this site caused a lot of issues. Long story short, I goof’d up.

Image mentioning different services for optimizing or compressing images.- Website of Amar Vyas

Making of Video: How to Optimize Images


In this post, I have described the process of making of the Video used in the post titled “Which is the Best Image Resizing Service” ?

For this post, I compared 15 different image compression and resizing services. These include Shortpixel, Tinypng,BulkImage Resizer, Optimole, and Imgbot. Yesterday, I made my first unscripted video : it took me about four hours for a 5 minute video and this 1,000 word blog post. But now I know it’s doable, and scalable.

Image mentioning services for optimizing or compressing images- Website of Amar Vyas

Best Image Resizing or Optimization Service?


“Which is the Best Image Optimization Service?” This question came up more than a few times when I was researching to write the post on “7 Ways to Optimize Your Images for Websites“. In this post, I have used 20 different image compression and optimization services and compared their performance over a series of random tests. In other words, on this page you will find a blog post which compares 20 image compression services.

Screenshot of homepage of Nexaracks Web Hosting. Blog of Amar Vyas, May 2020

Nexaracks VPS: Benchmarks

Last week, user Someshzade from Nexaracks reached out at LowEndSpirit. He wanted to know if I would be interested in running Benchmarks and testing out their new VPS. My reply was, hell yes! Withing a few minutes, he sent another message with the VPS details.

Default operating system the VPS came with was CentOs, which was not to my liking. In Virtualizor Panel, the options available were : Ubuntu 16,04, CentOS, and Windows . I opted for Ubuntu, even though my personal preference is Debian if available. Anyways, were are not here to discuss the merits or lack of) Linux distributions.

Cover Image for Blog post, showing fruits. Blog by Amar Vyas

Posts on my other blogs


Note: April 28, 2020 Apologies for the issue with images: the server which the images are served went offline. I am moving the images to a CDN, by midnight IST May 3rd, all images should be restored.

Posts on my other blogs do not show up on this blog. I realized this when someone asked me the other day about my daily blogging challenge. They asked,

If I was supposed to publish a post every day, then why wasn’t I publishing a blog post every day on this site?

The fact is that I Have been publishing a new post every day, but not only on this blog. I have three other sites where I publish posts. They are:
a. MyKitaab Podcast
b. Underworld Startup Blog
c. My All Things Podcasting Blog

Re-Test: OVZ by Hostslick


I had posted the benchmark results from Hostslick OVZ earlier. Over the past few months, there were some issues with the node – essentially a problem with Virtualizor VPS Control Panel, to be fair not entirely the provider’s fault.

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