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When my wife and I were trying to get my novel NRI:Now, Returned to India translated into Hindi and Marathi, we found it very difficult to find the right translator, editor and publisher. We realised that there are many authors who are faced with a similar dilemma. This is how MyKitaab was born. We envision it as a means to connect authors with readers and booklovers who prefer to read in Indian languages. Three times a week, we will interview authors, editors, translators and publishers, who will  share their insights on the market for books in India.

When we talk about book publishing in India, one must also note that there are atleast six or seven languages that are spoken by over 50 million people. That is the population of six or seven times the size of the population of France. As the podcast matures,  every month we will learn about one of the six languages and help authors understand how to sell their books in these languages.

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  1. Hello Amar,
    My name is Sandesh and I’m your podcast subscriber. recently i thought of creating my own podcast and while researching i found out many videos/material regarding this, But most of them made sense to US/UK region. So i thought of seeking some expert advice from you. I checked your podcast feed and it says you’re using podcast hosting using audioboom. I wonder how you started hosting with them. Is it mandatory to have a website where you upload your episodes or you directly use audioboom? do you use their premium plan or free with ads plan. what are the basics and do you have any blog post where you can guide me to? pls. let me know. I’ve a wordpress blog which i thought of using for hosting but the free plan is just nothing, i can’t even add plugins to it.

    Once again thank you for all your help via Mykitaab. I’m really enjoying listening to it.

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